Three brand new Land Rover Discovery models on the way ?

Land Rover has recently confirmed in a report that over three discovery models could be arriving. The company confirmed the forthcoming family of Discovery models that was previewed at the New York Motor Show by the Discovery concept will be spawning over three models than was originally anticipated. Richard Woolley, who is the Design Studio Director of Land Rover said in a report that the Discovery model overtime will be evolving into a family of vehicles, not necessarily a three car family either, he went on to say that he could confirm that there could be more.

The future for the Land Rover Discovery and potential rivals ?

When asked the question is Land Rover considering a model in the range that would sit underneath the Evoque, he said that it is something that he believes the company should look at, there is a trend at the moment for downsizing in the market, though whatever sector the company went into they would have to be the best with regards to capability off road.

The small SUV has been billed potentially as a more premium option to the Nissan Juke and if the company was to give it the green light it would be entering a market that is dominated by the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1 at the moment.

Can the Land Rover Discovery models prove to be successful ?

Richard Woolley explained that the challenge for the company is to keep such vehicles relevant as the current trend could be a fad and then they would now longer reply. He explained that fashions come and go and Land Rover must make sure that whatever it does it isn’t just following fashions, he finished by saying that Land Rover vehicles must mean something and they must be relevant. So is the future of Land Rover secure when it comes to it’s newer models making an impact and will the Discovery carry on making an impact on both the new and used car markets for Land Rover .

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