The secretive Jaguar 4×4

In some quite mysterious news today making it’s way out of the British manufacturing company known as Jaguar, some mysterious 4×4 from the brand has been spotted out and about testing, and has been kept very much in the dark and under lock and key, as the model was spotted during its testing phase a number of weeks ago now, and was heavily camouflauged so not a lot could be made out on the all new Jaguar, but judging from the screenshots that have been circulating online the all new Jaguar  vehicle looks to be very bulky and wide therefore we believe that this all new model will provide a generous amount of interior space for both the passengers and driver, in terms of the width and indeed the height of the car.


What we know specs wise about the new Jaguar 4×4

In terms of past manufacturing processes of previous Jaguar vehicles produced from the company , the brand have always been notorious for producing power hungry cars, that can be great for the whole family, and is built for comfort and luxur, much in the same was as Mercedes, and if images are anything to go by of this all new family vehicle we believe that this model will prove to be exactly the same as other models, and could provide one of the most comfortable  driving experiences available on the global car consuming market today. We see this as this particular Jaguar  4×4 model is expected to include the likes of, a supercharged, V6,3.0 litre engine, four cylinder petrol engines are expected to be on offer at the time of purchase also, which in total could be set to carry around or even above an excess of 300 units of bhp.

In terms of rivals for this particular model, we see these come in the form of,the BMW 3 series,BMW X3 and Audi Q5.


Pricing and release structure on the all new Jaguar 4×4

Firstly in regards to a price tag that is expected to come with the model, sadly nothing has been officially announced by the brands owners as of yet, but it has been stated that we can expect to see the all new Jaguar 4×4 in dealership’s here in the UK and across other various parts of the world throughout the beginning of 2016 at it’s earliest.

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