The Alternative Fuel Source

Fuel Cell Development?

The power technology company Intelligent Energy specialises in the Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells development for application in the stationary power, consumer electronics and the automotive market.

Sales of electric and Hybrid cars have continued to increase in the UK over the first few months of the year and are expected to continue the upward trend. Models such as the likes of the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i-3 have been amongst the best selling models in the UK.

The company is based in Loughborough in Gloucestershire and reports across the internet show that the company has recently introduced its Gen4 air cooled fuel cell power unit, which has been developed with Suzuki Motor Corporation. The unit has been designed for use in both two wheel and four wheel vehicles and combines the essential adjunct components to assist car manufacturers with the systems integration into their products more easily.

The Future of in car fuel

Intelligent Energy has said that the Gen4 unit is a compact, power dense and self contained system that has been rated for the continuous operation at 3.9 kilowatts and is capable of providing over 4 kilowatts for shorter periods. The unit has been designed as a power source for smaller fuel cell electric cars and also for larger vehicles as a range extender, offering an alternative to a regular internal combustion engine that offers zero emissions and also wants to address the anxiety regarding the range of an electric vehicle, that usually comes with it. People are often worried that if they are travelling in an electric vehicle that the battery might die when they are no-where near a charging station.

The company has advised that the Gen 4 unit has already been the subject to an all embracing development process in order to satisfy the rather rigorous automotive necessary requirements that are based on an extended performance and operational test programme, including vibration and shock testing, along with repeated thermal cycling carried out across a range of operational temperatures.

There is a ready to scale production line that is capable of the Gen4 fuel cells manufacturing, it was commissioned last year in 2013. The Managing Director of Motive, Intelligent Energy James Batchelor said in a recent report that the new Gen4 fuel cell power unit will be helping car manufacturers to be able to reduce cost, save space and cost without having to compromise on the performance of a vehicle.

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