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Vehicle recall news

A vehicle recall is fairly common this year and this week sees two new ones join the list. These recent safety related recalls see both Toyota and Suzuki announcing the recall of thousands of...

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The Alternative Fuel Source

Fuel Cell Development? The power technology company Intelligent Energy specialises in the Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells development for application in the stationary power, consumer electronics and the automotive market.

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Audi TT 2014 details released

The new third generation of the Audi TT has had some details revealed before it’s official release date scheduled in autumn this year. What powers the new Audi TT? A new front wheel drive...

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Trident Iceni diesel V8 sports car

A new British sports car, the Trident Iceni, has been revealed by the new Norfolk based manufacturer, Trident. The company’s ground breaking new sports car has recently been revealed and boasts three body styles...

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Ferrari LaFerrari details revealed

Ferrari have released the details of their Ferrari LaFerrari model, the fastest and most advanced model the company have ever produced. The Ferrari LaFerrari is the latest in limited series Ferrari specials following cars...

New Porsche Macan Released! 0

New Porsche Macan Released!

Porsche Macan released in the UK The Volkswagen owned firm, Porsche, have announced that they have released entry levels of the Macan model in the UK today. The Macan was unveiled at the Beijing...

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Volvo V60 Plug In

New Volvo V60 Plug In Before the boom of the electric car, Volvo announced that they would be steering clear of the electric car and hybrid models due to the scale of potential customers....