New Easy Gap to set the standard for Gap Insurance in the UK?

One of the best known Gap Insurance brands in the UK, Easy Gap, has a brand new website today. The new site features new branding, a new logo and it is claimed around 70% more content than its predecessor. However, the changes are not just cosmetic with a new payment gateway option and new security features for consumers.

Major changes at Easy Gap

However, the changed run even deeper than that, as the new shiny website also supports a brand new set of Easy Gap policies underwritten by one of the largest UK insurers in Ageas Insurance. Ageas Insurance provide underwriting for some of the biggest names in the UK, and it is claimed they have over 8 million clients in this country, providing nearly £2,000 million of insurance cover.

The policy terms have a set of new features too, all aimed at the ‘modern’ motorist. Longer cover for return to invoice or vehicle replacement (up to 5 years) is now available, as well as free transfer of remaining policy term. There are also deferred policies for those who have replacement cover on their motor insurance, as well as no vehicle manufacture exclusions (provided the vehicle is listed in Glass’ Guide).

A spokesperson for the Easy Gap brand explained how the new policies and website functionality have been put together “The upgraded Easy Gap siteis the culmination of over a years work. We had planned to upgrade the website earlier in 2012, however when the opportunity to have Ageas underwrite the terms came about, we felt it was right to launch all the changes together.

New Easy Gap website

New Easy Gap website with new features and underwritten by Ageas Insurance

We are in the position of having an ‘in house’ marketing team who have studiously new content and information for the website. Indeed there is around 70% more accessible information on the new Easy Gap when compared to the old one. We aim to provide as much detail as possible to our site users, and this in turn increases conversion quite dramatically.

Of course we focus strongly within the marketing team on search engine visibility. The constant changes search engines, such as the recent clamp down by Google on exact match domain names, means that marketing the ‘brand’ is even more important. Fortunately we are a company of sufficient size to have a team working on this constantly. It is all very well having a great product but you need people to find it”.

Easy Gap leading the way with Gap Insurance?

The new Easy Gap products do seem to have a set of features that fit with the ‘treating customers fairly’ ethos that insurers are encouraged to follow these days. Indeed the Easy Gap brand are confident that the new products set the standard for others to follow, as the spokesperson explained.

“We think it is entirely possible to argue that the combination of a real heavyweight underwriter and the set of product features now seen on Easy Gap policies make them the benchmark for Gap Insurance in the UK today.”

And Easy Gap may very well be right!

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