Jeep ready to launch the Cherokee Diesel model

In some upcoming vehicle release news today to make its way out of the well known car manufacturing company known as Jeep, we are pleased to report on one of the upcoming vehicle launches from the mass manufacturer which will come your way in the shape and form of the all new Cherokee Diesel model. Over the years Jeep have established themselves as a truly great car designer when it comes down to SUV models and, we believe with the addition of this all new Cherokee Diesel model this will be proven yet again. The Cherokee itself has gone down as one of the best selling Jeep models to date and with this all new diesel variation of the car we believe it will do nothing but help boost sales for the vehicle all around the world.


The key features of the Jeep Cherokee Diesel

So with that being said, what has gone into this brand new Cherokee Diesel model during production time to truly make it stand out in a world where SUV vehicles are on the rise with models such as the Qashqai from Nissan, the X6 from BMW and of course the Rav4 from Toyota. Well firstly with a look into the engine and its performance rates, we see the inclusion of a,2.0 litre,four cylinder,turbo diesel engine that will overall produce 168 brake horse power with top speeds reached all round of 119 miles per hour.We see the Cherokee Diesel make the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of 10.3 seconds. The model will be made available as a four wheel drive variant and will also come fully fitted with a nine speed,automatic transmission system thrown in as part of the package too.


How much will the purchase price on the Jeep Cherokee diesel be ?

Firstly we are pleased to inform you that this Jeep model officially goes on sale from next month all around the counry. In regards to how much this diesel version will set you back, expect to pay a cost of around £32,000 for a brand new Jeep Cherokee Diesel at the time of launch.

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