How the internet has effected Gap Insurance buying habits

The internet is a wonderful thing, used in the right way of course, not only can it provide you with instant information on any subject (Gap Insurance included) you care to look for, but you can also compare prices for any items you care to purchase also. Of course this is why the likes of Amazon and Ebay of the household names that they are across the globe today, and the likes of Wikepedia is used for extensively used to find in-depth information.

Of course you do need to be aware that any information can be found on the net, even if it is incorrect, but generally the clever search engines like Google have special ways of measuring a websites trustworthiness and reputation, and rank it in higher positions accordingly.

Of course there are other places where you can find information about gap insurance that are non commercial sources. Government websites are highly regarded and trustworthy, as they tend not to provide content for commercial gain. Any gap insurance information here may be quite general, but certainly gives you a good starting point for any research you may wish to do.

Gap Insurance on the internet

Well regarded and established directories can be a good source also. Yahoo and DMoz are two of the oldest, and whilst Yahoo does require a fee to be listed for gap insurance each year the DMoz directory is one of the oldest directories around. The submissions require serious scrutiny, and this again can raise credibility.

Internet forums are areas that can help suggest some gap insurance names for further investigation. However, they can easily be ‘gamed’ by retailers. Would you know whether the gap insurance retailer has a financial arrangement with the webmaster? Even if this is not the case you may often see posts like ‘Oh I used for my gap insurance and they were great, from a forum member who may well be working for the retailer in the first place.

There are other truly independent sources of Gap Insurance information, such as the report conducted by Which magazine in 2012. Which have a slightly different business model from other ‘authority’ websites in that they do not accept financial inducements but instead run on a subscription basis with their members. A recommendation from Which can go a long way!

Gap Insurance information on the net

So using the internet for any purchasing or research has come an awful long way in the last few years, not least in the world of gap insurance in the UK.

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