How BMW have conquered the world

The brand of BMW is one of the most recognisable the world over. There are other famous motoring brands, but do any of them tick all the boxes that BMW do? The German marque can be considered a real ‘all rounder’, all things to all people and many people will aspire to have the famous black, blue and white circle on their vehicle, but why is this the case?

Why a BMW?

Under normal circumstances, a vehicle manufacturer falls into a certain category. A brand such as Porsche can be looked upon as a prestige brand, with lots of admiring looks but ultimately out of the reach of many. A Ford or a Vauxhall is more a ‘mass market’ success, with many millions appearing on the UK roads every year.

Where does BMW stand, which camp does it fall in to? Well both actually!

As many people still view a BMW as a ‘high ticket’ price item, with aspirational value, it must be noted that the 3 Series is consistently amongst the top 10 selling cars in the UK. No other ‘prestige’ marque can make this boast.

BMW also have a strong presence in other fields, such as motorbikes. Sales worldwide for the 2 wheel versions of the brand are strong. Like all manufacturers, BMW will lose value, but in many cases hold strong residual values for their owners.

How many other manufacturers can have such a diverse product range that is as successful as BMW?   


How BMW has conquered the world!

 Travel anywhere in the world and you will see a wide distribution of the brand too, and in recent years it has also seen the ‘Mini’ name revived under the wing of the Bavarian giant.

Not bad for a company who were forced to stop their primary business of producing airplane engines as part of the Versailles Treaty after World War I.

What next for BMW?

Continues success throughout the world no doubt, from businessmen to taxi drivers, driving instructors to weekend ‘boys toys’, the brand of BMW can certainly provide the answer.

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