Elio motors reveal a brand new three wheeler

A three-wheeler motor vehicle from United States brand Elio Motors was showed off at the CES technology show that took place last week in Las Vegas. The brand also announced its next plans to put the vehicle in production, Something which could possibly rival the likes of other American manufacturer’s such as Ford, Chevrolet and Jeep.
The model plan of the company is to manufacture low-cost, ultra frugal vehicles that use 90% of domestically sourced components. The Elio vehicle has three wheels and two seats and is powered by a three cylinder inline, 0.9 litre petrol engine that produces 54 brake horsepower.

The facts and specs of the new Elio

The brand has said that the car will be capable of 98 miles per gallon (British equivalent of 84 miles per gallon US) on major roads, which will give the car a range of over 670 miles and 58 miles per gallon (49 miles per gallon US) in the City. The brand intends to sell this vehicle of around £4100. The car will be available with either an automatic transmission, or a five speed manual gearbox.
The company has rented space for production in Shreveport, Louisiana the former General Motors assembly and stamping plant. In 2012, work at this facility stalled when General Motors fell into financial crisis, though Elio Motors is looking to bring at least 1500 jobs back to the region.

The future of Elio Motors latest model

At the consumer electronics show, technology convention, Paul Elio who is the founder of the company exclaimed that funds for the project had surpassed the £4.2,000,000 mark. Elio has shared expectations that his company will begin the production of commercial vehicles in the first quarter of next year. He explained that it has been his dream to build a new kind of vehicle that is reliable, safe and fuel-efficient in the US.
Acquiring the plant, along with the equipment in a full operational state will certainly let Elio motors thrive once the commercial vehicle production begins next year. Although the model itself will not quite be a top contending rival brands such, as Bmw or Mercedes, we do still firmly believe that this particular model from Elio, could still prove to be a big seller for the car industry around the world, if it makes production out of the US.

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