Yamaha have big plans for the MT-09 this year

In some motorbike news today coming directly out of the Japanese racing manufacturer known as Yamaha, we are pleased to report on one of the brand new motorbike models for the company set to make its debut this year, which comes in the form of the MT-09.The model itself will be available in a range of different colors, but one of the most eye catching choices available to you as the customer, we believe to be the black and Purple color design, which looks very alike to that of a previous model released by Triumph over a year ago now. With the inclusion of this bike from the well loved company behind the idea, Yamaha are hoping to set a trend in the sports bike industry with the MT-09, and re define a whole new generation, and reclaim the top spot in the motorbike world from Honda, and we here at VRI gap insurance believe it could indeed prove to be the case, if Yamaha have the success for this MT-09 that they are hoping for.


So what has gone into the MT-09 regarding the production aspect ?

In terms of the manufacturing process on the latest MT-09 to hit our roads from the Japanese brand, a lot has been included, to try and elevate the success of the company amongst the global bike market in this day and age. But what exactly has been done to this particular model during the manufacturing process ?. Well firstly we see the inclusion of, an all new three cylinder petrol engine,that carries 115hp of torque. We believe that these cylinder upgrades, help boost this four stroke engine, to good power and speeds when hitting long journeys and roads. A fuel injection system also comes as a part of the package. The main work that has been put into place regarding the MT-09 though, mainly consists of the adaptations and fine tuning to the chassis of the motorbike. Which allows for a much more sleek and dynamic performance all round, and help giving a truly exceptional riding experience for anybody who decides to make the investment into one of these machines.


When can you expect to see the MT-09 on sale and for what cost ?

Well in terms of a release date for the model itself, we are happy to of heard of the news that the brand new MT-09 model from Yamaha, will officially be set to see a release sometime throughout this year, and you will be able to purchase your brand new Yamaha MT-09 for a cost of £6,799 from your nearest dealership.

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