When to set up Gap Insurance

If you are buying Gap Insurance for a new vehicle on the 1st March, when can you set up your policy? Well if you are buying it through your dealer, then let them know you want it and they will have you on cover when you arrive to pick up the car.

If you have found a cheaper quote online, then your online gap insurance broker will be able to set you up in a matter of minutes. When to do it though?

Set up Gap Insurance online?

As Gap Insurance brokers phones go into meltdown in the lead up to their busiest day of the year, you have options to ensure you leave the showroom fully protected. You can set up your policy online, in which case this option is available 24 hours a day. However, if you need to speak to an advisor on Gap Insurance, then it is best to do it at a quieter time of day.

Bottom line, don’t leave it until the last minute!

VRI Gap Insurance

Protect your purchase with VRI Gap Insurance from £97

Whilst you can set up gap insurance cover after you leave the showroom, if you have decided to take gap insurance, then why tempt fate?

Best have a good look through your options, give one of the gap insurance experts a ring, and ask away!

You will find there can be a range of products that may be suitable for you, however, on this site we think you should take a long, hard look at VRI Gap Insurance!

Remember, Vehicle Replacement Insurance will cover the replacement cost of your brand new vehicle in the future, even if that is higher than the price you pay today.

Why VRI Gap Insurance?

If you have taken advantage of a manufacturers deal this March, what happens if the same favourable deal is not around when you have to replace the vehicle? You could be left having to find extra funds, even if you have RTI Gap Insurance.

Here we think VRI Gap Insurance is the way to go!

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