Vehicle Replacement Insurance, or VRI Gap Insurance, is rapidly becoming the most popular choice for purchases of Guaranteed Asset Protection in the UK. It is also one of the newest forms of Gap Insurance on the market. The traditional forms of Gap Insurance, such as Finance Gap, RTV and RTI Gap Insurance protect different aspects of your vehicles depreciation, so why is VRI Gap Insurance now considered the new King of Gap Insurance?

Well, what is VRI Gap Insurance?

VRI Gap Insurance

How could VRI Gap Insurance help you?


Simply, if your vehicle is written off ny your insurance company, VRI Gap Insurance can cover the difference between your vehicle value and the cost of replacing it with a ‘like for like’ model at the time you purchased the policy.

So if you buy a brand new VW Golf GTI in 2011, and it is written off in 2014, VRI Gap Insurance can cover up to the 2014 replacement car price of a brand new VW Golf GTI.

So VRI Gap Insurance covers DEPRECIATION and INFLATION!

We shall look at all different aspects of Vehicle Replacement Insurance on this site. We shall cover what to look for in an insurer, and your replacement vehicle policy. Also how after a total loss, vri gap insurance can look after your money in the event of making a claim.We will look at how to calculate any potential shortfall between your vehicle write off value, or insurance payout, and the purchase price required for a new car. VRI Gap Insurance policy, like your own motor insurance, requires careful consideration, as it is not just the invoice price, or the settlement on the finance agreement you need to consider.

We shall outline some of the insurance companies who offer vri gap insurance in the UK, all of which must be governed by the FSA.

So there is plenty to consider, but we hope our site can provide you with all the answers on VRI Gap Insurance!