VRI Gap Insurance thats puts you in control

If you are looking for VRI Gap Insurance, then you are probably concerned that your vehicle will probably cost far more to replace in the future, than you may have paid for it today. We all accept that the vehicle we buy today will depreciate in value, however, many forget just how much more it may cost you in the future to replace the vehicle.

There is another factor to consider also, how exactly will your VRI Gap Insurance policy perform if you make a caim. Now we do not mean how reputable are the insurers of the policy, but how will you be paid in the event of a claim?

How does your VRI Gap Insurance work?

The premise of VRI Gap Insurance is that it will pay between the vehicle market value and the cost of replacing the vehicle with a ‘like of like’ model. So if you bought the policy for a brand new Vauxhall Insignia, then you will be returned to the value of the equivalent Insignia in the future.

Sounds great, but here comes the part that you need to check. Many VRI Gap Insurance policies will pay a nominated dealer the funds tro actually replace the vehicle. This is great if you are happy for the same vehicle next time round. If the manufacturer does not make the model, or it is not available, the insurer will pay you the funds for the equivalent in this case. Basically though, you will get the same model vehicle as the one you bought originally, albeit the updated version.

But what if you wanted a completely different vehicle altogether?

VRI Gap Insurance that gives you control!

There is one online Gap Insurance broker we know of, who offer VRI Gap Insurance that will pay you the funds to replace the vehicle, thus giving you more control over the next vehicle you purchase. Aequitas Automotive Ltd run a series of websites, such as established Gap Insurance site EasyGap.co.uk. It has recently added the GapInsurance123.co.uk site to its portfolio, and this features this VRI Gap Insurance that pays you the funds.

Another great feature of this site is that you can buy VRI Gap Insurance for up to 5 years. As the avaerage length of time we keep our vehicles increases, having the option of cover for this extended period may be invaluable!

So 5 year VRI Gap Insurance

VRI Gap Insurance or Vehicle Replacement Insurance

VRI Gap Insurance that puts you in control

that puts you in charge is available now!

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