VRI Gap Insurance sales for September

The sales of VRI Gap Insurance are set to hit record proprtions as vehicle buyers get bargains in the showrooms of the UK for the new 61 Plate September registrations. Vehicle Replacement Insurance is provind a popular choice for customers of online brokers, as customers look to protect the replacement cost on the fair assumption this could be far higher than the ‘bargain’ deal this time round.

The rise and rise of VRI Gap Insurance

For many years now, manufacturers have introduced ‘transient’ deals for consumers, to encourage them to buy certain models at specific times of the year. These incentives make the manufacturers life much easier, as they can plan production and prevent the scenes of thousands of unsold units in old airfields( we have all seen them!)

This means you can pick up a bargain in your local showroom, the problem comes if you ever need to replace it!


As you can see, if the cost of replacing your vehicle increases over time, then VRI Gap Insurance can cover this increase in cost, so with Vehicle Replacement Insurance you can eliminate having to stretch yourself financially if the worst comes to the worst.

VRI Gap insurance can protect you two fold, it can cover the depreciation of your current vehicle, and the inflationary costs of having to replace it.

This ‘new king of Gap Insurance’ is fast becoming the informed choice for consumers………however there is one small problem.

 Dealers and VRI Gap Insurance

VRI Gap Insurance new 61 plate vehicles

Protect your new 61 plate bargain with VRI Gap Insurance

The sad fact is that not many dealers actually sell VRI Gap Insurance in the UK. Some do promote a product called VRI Gap Insurance, however it may actually only protect you back to the original invoice price, so more like RTI Gap Insurance in another name. Remember the Vehicle Replacement Insurance we are talking about will cover between the vehicle market value and the cost of replacing that vehicle with the equivalent model. Thsi can make a huge difference to your insurance cover if you do not ensure you have the correct cover.

Luckily, more and more consumers are looking to online Gap Insurance providers to buy theier Gap cover form. Savings and choice of cover can be huge, much like the sa\ving on the vehicle you buy from your dealer. So the’ must have’ addition to your new ’61 plate’ vehicle this September looks to be VRI Gap Insurance!

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