VRI Gap Insurance and Paint Protection

How does VRI Gap Insurance, or any Gap Insurance for that matter, work when you have Paint Protection on your car? Many new car purchases from a motor dealer, involve the purchase of a paint and fabric protection product from the dealer. There are several of these on the market, Lifeshine from AutoGlym, Supaguard and Guard X to name a few. The dealer can charge anywhere between £200-£500 for this treatment (always haggle as there can be quite a margin in this sort of item!), but there is little doubt it can aid to maintain the appearance of your vehicle over a period of time.

However, does VRI Gap Insurance cover this cost if the vehicle is written off?

Well yes…………if you look in the right paces!

VRI Gap Insurance cover Paint Protection?

Most Gap Insurance policies will cover Factory Fitted extras on your vehicle, so all options that you ordered when the car was being built can be covered by your Gap policy. Some Gap Insurance policies will also cover a certain amount of dealer fitted accessories as well, commonly up to £1500, that are stated on the sale invoice. However, often excluded from the dealer fitted accessory cover are any insurance backed items, like extended warranty or indeed paint and fabric protection.

VRI Gap Insurance and paint protection

Does VRI Gap Insurance cover the cost of Paint Protection?

Why is this? Well some insurers simply view these items as another insurance item, and just will not cover the cost of them or their replacement. However, if you look around hard enough, you can find VRI Gap Insurance policies that can cover items such as Paint and Fabric protection, as well as non transferable warranty items. If you think about the £400 or so you have paid for the item, that is often a higher price than the actual cost of the vri gap insurance policy itself.

Where to find VRI Gap Insurance for Paint Protection cost cover

Well your dealer may well offer it, but we have to say it is unlikely. One of the better known sources is online Gap Insurance broker, GapInsurance123.co.uk, where you can find VRI Gap Insurance to cover this cost, and they can also offer you up to 5 year VRI Gap Insurance cover, a rare option for VRI Gap Insurance indeed!


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