Vehicle Replacement Insurance for Motorbikes

Have you ever heard of Vehicle Replacement Insurance for a motorbike before? Well if the answer is no then do not despair, you are not alone! Vehicle Replacement Insurance, or VRI Gap Insurance as it is also know, is one of the newest types of Gap Insurance on the market today.

As you will know if you have looked through the site, vehicle replacement insurance will cover the difference between the motorbike value when it is written off, and the cost of replacing the motorbike with the model equivalent to the one you bought the policy for. So if it is a brand new Honda Goldwing, then the cost of the equivalent Goldwing, even if that is higher than the original price you paid.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance for motorbikes

Get Vehicle Replacement Insurance for motorbikes

Why Vehicle Replacement Insurance?

Why Vehicle Replacement Insurance is worth considering is simply that inflation is not something that the more simple Return to Invoice type of Gap Insurance can cover. It is still great for you that a RTI Gap policy will get back the original price you paid, but you still have to replace the motorbike. With Vehicle Replacement Insurance you can get the funds necessary to do just that.


Sounds great, but where is the catch?

Where to buy Vehicle Replacement Insurance for Motorbikes?

Here is the problem, as Vehicle Replacement Insurance is the newest type of Gap Insurance, motor dealers of all types very rarely offer it. Indeed, trying to find a Motorbike dealer who does it is even harder. In fact the problem in sourcing this product runs even deeper than that.

Many underwriting insurers, who provide Gap Insurance cover such as Vehicle Replacement Insurance, simply view motorbikes as too high a risk for this type of cover. In many cases. If you are offered Gap Insurance by your motorbike dealer, then it will be the simpler Return to Invoice type cover.

However, you can buy vehicle replacement insurance from specialist online Gap Insurance brokers. A couple you could try are and, both of whom allow you to buy gap insurance for your motorbike in the vehicle replacement style.

Hope this makes your search for vehicle replacement insurance for your motorbike a little clearer.

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