Twitter leaks Porsche Macan

Twitter leaks Porsche Macan

In Porsche news today, we can confirm that brochure images of the brand new Porsche Macan has been leaked online via social media website twitter. From the images that were uploaded on twitter it seems that the images of the Porsche Macan have come directly from a german brochure and show images of the vehicle from various different angles. This online leak comes a whole month ahead of the LA motorshow 2013 where Porsche is set to officaly unveil the Porsche Macan to the general public.

A few neat features that make the Porsche Macan special

You May look at the Macan its self and think wow that looks nice but what is there under the bonnet, what does this car have that may possibly make me want to purchase this particular model? Well here is what we know about the specs of the car so far: The Porsche Macan has a three spoke steering wheel aswell as a previously loved dashboard and centre console very similar much to the style of the Porsche Cayenne. The Macan comes along with infused LED lights. Lets look at whats underneath the bonnet. We have learned that the Macan will include: A chisseled clamshell bonnet. The LED tail lights look aggressive but also look terrific for the vehicle design.  Two petrol engines which are currently expected to be twin turbo 3.0 litre v6 engine and the second being a 3.6 litre v6 engine.


How much will the Porsche Macan cost and when is it available

As of right now the Porsche Macan is expected to come at a price of around £32,496. Production of the vehicle is rumoured to commence in December of this year. Saddly we do not have a current launching date for the new Porsche model, but we can expect a lot more news about the Porsche Macan next month at the LA motorshow.

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