The Mazda CX-5 one of the finest SUV models right now ?

In some car industry news today, we are taking a look back at perhaps one of the most influential SUV models in the car industry both new and used and comes from the Japanese brand Mazda,the model is simply known as the CX 5 and is available here in the UK right now. Mazda over their time in the car industry have certainly proven to be one of the finest car makers around and we have seen this demonstrated time and time again with models such as the MX 5 and many more. They have always had a good line in family friendly and Sporty machines too. This addition of the CX 5 to the Mazda comes in the form of an SUV and therefore we would say definitely fits into the family aspect of the range. The vehicle is not all about the comfort though as we see this Mazda also come with a lot of performance benefits too.

What is so special about the Mazda CX 5?

As we said the model comes aimed a lot at the performance side of things too and we see this by what was included with the Mazda model during its time on the production line. So firstly we see that the brand have included the use of a, 2.2 litre, four cylinder,turbo diesel engine that overall produces power of 172 brake horse power and will therefore make the jump from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a time of 8.8 seconds with overall top speeds hitting out at 129 miles per hour. The model is only available in a four wheel drive variation but does also come fully fitted with a six speed,manual transmission system as standard.

The model does come complete with some nice pieces of added equipment too ranging from interior features to technology. With the purchase on a CX 5 you can expect to receive a Bose stereo,heated seating,a leather interior,climate control and curtain airbags also come as part of the package too. So with these key elements on technology and equipment included with the car, we believe that this Mazda addition could very well prove to be an ideal rival for the likes of, Nissan,BMW and Ford.

What is the purchase price for a Mazda CX 5 ?

Firstly, we can confirm that, the CX 5 is available for purchase right now from Mazda showrooms around the UK and various other countries. In regards to a price tag that comes along with the CX 5, you can expect to invest into this Mazda model at a cost of £27,195.

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