The Crossover Market 2014

The Crossover Market 2014


The Crossover market has been one of the most eagerly contested markets in the automotive industry in the last couple of years. The likes of the Nissan brands have dominated markets across Europe including the UK Car Market.


The success of the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashqai forced manufacturers to develop a model to rival the sales and prevent the Japanese based brand increasing market share. Since then the SUV and crossover markets have gone from strength to strength with sales increasing by the day.


So much so, that a number of the worlds most prestigious manufacturers have announced that they plan on releasing a new crossover and SUV rival. Porsche have announced that the success they have experienced in the SUV and luxury car markets has inspired them to make the move from being a premium sports car manufacturer to become a luxury mass market manufacturer.

 Future Crossover market

Other manufacturers such as Fiat have also paid an interest in the crossover and SUV car markets after facing one of the worst sales years in the firms long history. The Italian based brand released a new large Fiat 500 model to target the success of the crossover market. On the other hand, the Fiat owned Alfa Romeo brand have also announced that they will be joining the SUV market by 2016.


The Volkswagen Group who have arguably had the most success in both the SUV and crossover markets, have also announced that the Seat and Skoda brands will both be building an SUV model for the market ready to go up against the Alfa Romeo brand in the next two years.


The Audi Q3 and the Volkswagen Tiguan models have been amongst the best selling vehicles in the SUV  Crossover car market in the past 24 months and have seen the success first hand. Like the two German mass market manufacturers, Nissan have also experienced the success first hand and plan on furthering the success by adding the Murano model to the European market.

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