The all new EV..the BMW i3

In some car news today coming directly out of the German car manufacturing team known as BMW, we are excited to report on the latest news coming out of the brand which comes in the shape and form of the i3, an electric vehicle from BMW, which could very well be set to rival the likes of the Nissan Leaf and other Electronic models such as  Toyota Hybrids and plug in cars,  that are currently available on the market in this day and age. It is in question right now, as to whether EV models will be the future of our car industry as we know it,or is this just the latest trend in the world right now ? . In our opinion EV models are already proving to be a great success around the world, and the more that are released, the bigger the industry will grow, and we think BMW have thought somewhere along the same lines, so they decided to have a dabble in the EV range themselves with the all new i3.


What we know about the BMW i3

In terms of recent history when it comes to BMW, the brand have always been masters of their craft when it comes down to producing powerful, comforting and luxurious vehicles, there is no doubt in our minds about that. But what happens when you take such a huge selling car brand and take them in another direction with their products ? . Well this in our opinion is what we get with the rear wheel drive model  i3. Firstly we see the inclusion of, an electric motor which is neatly hidden underneath the boot floor and carries a grand total of, 168 units of brake horse power, and also comes complete with an Ion lithium battery pack to match. it has been said that the model will stretch out anywhere between, 80 miles and 125 on a full charge, varying on how you drive in general. In terms of the agility and aero dynamic aspect’s of this machine is concerned, the majority of the vehicle comes made completely from, Carbon Fibre and aluminium to allow a much more sleek driving experience., and therefore rivals the likes of some car Brands such as, Renault and Vauxhall with a set amount of their E-Vehicles.


19 inch wheels come as standard with the BMW i3, although the option of 20 inch wheels are also on the table ahead of the time of purchase. A brand new revamped front grille and neatly placed BMW badges also come as part of the deal also. In terms of the interior of this all new addition to the electric car industry, and some of it’s key features and gadgets, we see the welcome additions of, LED lights on the front and rear of the car. Interior wise, we see most of the materials used coming in the form of, wood,Stitched leather for the seating and, brand new car mats.


Pricing and release time on the all new BMW i3

To start off you will be pleased to know that, you can purchase your latest addition to BMW electronic technology, right now at your nearest selected BMW dealership. In terms of the cost situation, you can expect to invest in the all new BMW i3 for a cost of £30,680 and will vary upwards to the cost of £33,830.

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