Taxi VRI Gap Insurance

Are you a taxi driver looking for vri gap insurance, you may have found it is quite a struggle to find! If you have done some homework on Gap Insurance and think that VRI Gap Insurance is the best cover around (and yes we do too!), then finding it for a taxi is even more difficult. You may have a better chance of getting the winning lottery ticket 3 weeks in a row than finding VRI Gap Insurance for a taxi.

Taxi VRI Gap Insurance

VRI Gap Insurance like any other type of cover, can require a bit of research. There are lots of information on gap insurance on the internet these days. You can find out about all the different types of gap insurance , but precious little if you have a taxi or private hire vehicle. Yet private hire owners may be in need of Taxi Gap Insurance more than any other, why? simply because they often suffer higher depreciation on their vehicles because of the nature of their work.

Because of this they often represent a higher risk to the insurers of Gap Insurance policies, and therefore they simply will not allow use of vehicles for private hire. Others do provide a form of Taxi Gap Insurance cover, but often at higher premium rates than for other vehicles.

The most comprehensive form of Gap Insurance is arguably VRIGap Insurance, and you can only find this type of cover at one source in the UK as far as we know.

VRI Gap Insurance

Taxi VRI Gap Insurance can provide Taxi Gap Insurance cover for up to 5 years for private hire owners. The policies have a range of other features too, including cover for paint protection and fabric cover, often an accessory for a taxi purchase from a dealer.

Buy Taxi VRI Gap Insurance

So if you are looking to cover the replacement cost of your taxi, then try and you may be pleasantly surprised how reasonable VRI Gap Insurance can be!

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