Skoda Yeti – Making big tracks in the car market

If you could time travel from the mid 1980′s to the present day, what a different world you would see for Skoda. Back in the 1980′s it was all yuppies and chino’s, Liverpool and Everton dominated the English Football league, pubs would close in the middle of the day, and nearly every shop was shut on a Sunday.

Another area that has changed considerably is the car market. In the 1980′s, it was dominated by Ford and Vauxhall, with British Leyland/Austin/Rover still in British ownership and manufacturing cars in the UK.

Skoda in the 1980′s

There was a natural mistrust of imported vehicles, mainly due to questionable build quality in some cases, and some strange designs to the british taste.

There were also a group of car manufacturers from behind the Iron Curtain that produced vehicles that seemed so outdated, that they caused merriment to the UK car buyer. We must point out, they were cheap, but if your father said you were getting a Lada then you knew you were in for ridicule at school.

The aforementioned Russian manufacturer Lada, was joined by Yugo, FSO, Dacia and the Czech manufacturer Skoda. all regarded with equal disdain by many.

However, how times have changed, at least for some!

Skoda Yeti proves a hit

Skoda Yeti is the latest brand improvement that began with the Octavia

Whilst the majority of those manufacturers are no longer bringing vehicles to our shores, Skoda can boast a range of vehicles that are so well-regarded by their owners and the motor industry in general, that they win award after award.

Of course, since the 1980′s the brand has come under the control of the VW Audi Group, who have a reputation forged on quality and reliability. A range of vehicles are produced that can appeal to nearly every taste. However, the emphasis has always been on traditional family vehicles.

The Octavia is a mid range hatch of the 1980′s mould, large cabin coupled with a large boot. This is in contrast to many of todays designs, where a compromise is nearly always felt with load space.

The Superb is a quality executive model, allowing for a luxury vehicle without having to spend £50,000.

The Fabia is a roomy small hatchback, packed with features and again a comfortable cabin space.

Skoda also allow the choice of traditional estate versions in all models above, again this is an attitude of a bygone age, but clearly something that the public still desire.

Perhaps the biggest change and surprise is in the introduction of a completely new model, one far removed from anything Skoda have ever produced before.

The Skoda Yeti was announced a few years ago, as Skoda looked to move into the crossover 4X4 market. Despite the undoubted success of Skoda over the last 10 years, it was still a surprise when they announced the production of the model. It would appeal to current Skoda drivers for sure, as the brand maintains a natural loyalty, however since it went on sale in the UK, a whole range of new customers have flocked to see the new Skoda Yeti.

Sales have been strong, and now it has been around for a couple of years, feedback is emerging from its owners.

Skoda Yeti leads the way

In the 2012 AutoExpress Driver Power survey, the Skoda Yeti took the overall top spot with an overall score of 92.67&, as well as taking top spot in several individual categories.

Perhaps it is an indication of the standing of Skoda that the Yeti took top spot in 2012, and the Skoda Superb was in the same position in 2011.

With Skoda Yeti’s in short supply new, they are now proving a top choice for used car purchases also. A range of specifications and engines have proved a hit across the board.

So hats off to Skoda, they took a chance perhaps, but in search of Bigfoot they have stunned the world with the Skoda Yeti!

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