Saab to make electric comeback

The iconic Swedish brand, Saab, is set to make a comeback by launching a new range of electric cars.

The Saab Automotive group was founded and began producing cars in 1947. It’s headquarters are in Sweden, Trollhatten. The group is an offshoot of Saab AB (Swedish Aeroplane Corporation), a Swedish aerospace ad defence company, commenced a project to create a small automobile. Their first production model was launched in 1949, the Saab 92.

In 1989, General Motors acquired 50% of the company and in 2000 they bought the rest. In 2010, the company was sold to Spyker Cars NV. Following the change in ownership, Saab went bust in 2011, and on June 3rd 2012, the company was bought by NEVS.


Saab in recent news

The Saab group filed for bankruptcy in 2012, where the main assets of the Saab Automotive group being acquired by the Chinese owned company, NEVS, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden. NEVS look to build a line up of new models for the Far East and European markets, hoping to become the fore-runner in the automotive industry. The group focuses on electric vehicle, EV, design and manufacture.

Since the start of 2014, the first electric vehicles developed by them will be introduced in China, the most progressive market for EVs. The main investor of the new ownership team, Mr Kai Johan Jiang, has a passion for electric vehicles and with most major car manufacturers now offering at least one electric vehicle in their range, NEVS believes they can compete in the rapidly emerging EV market against other rivals such as the likes of , Toyota and BMW amongst other up and coming EV companies such as, KIA.


The new models for the Saab line

The new models developed by NEVS will be manufactured in Trollhattan, Sweden, which is the centre of the company’s research and development division. When their first model goes on the market, it will be in China where the group hopes to build the EV market and the associated charging infrastructure.

This is because NEVS believes that for years to come, electric vehicles and vehicles with conventional engines will co-exist in the market, therefore the group have also started production of the petrol powered Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan, a move set to please many Saab fans worldwide.

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