Return to Invoice for Mini

If you have been offered Mini Gap Insurance by your motor dealer, then it is often the case that the style is Return to Invoice, or RTI Gap Insurance or even a combined level of return to invoice.

So does this mean that return to invoice gap insurance is the best level of cover for you and your Mini?

Are there alternatives to return to invoice?

We all accept that the price you pay for your Mini will not be the value it is worth in the future. This means that if you become one of the 600,000 vehicle owners who have their vehicles ‘written off’ in the UK each year, then you could be in for a nasty financial surprise.

On average, a brand new car can lose around 60% of its value in the first 3 years of its life. It can be argued that Mini’s may hold their ‘residual’ value better than other makes, due to their reputation and popularity. However, whatever the depreciation rate is, it is a foregone conclusion that your Mini will lose a significant value over any extended period of ownership.

What happens if your Mini is in an accident, or stolen, and ‘written off’ by your insurers? The likely outcome is that you will receive an insurance settlement far less than you originally paid for the vehicle. You can look to protect against this situation with a Return to Invoice Gap Insurance policy for your Mini.

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for Mini

Why should you buy Gap Insurance for your Mini and is return to invoice gap insurance the best level of cover for you?

So as you can see, by looking to a return to invoice Gap Insurance policy for your Mini, you can protect the difference betyween the vehicle value and the original invoice price your paid for the vehicle.

A Return to Invoice protection for your Mini can be suitable if you have a finance agreement, or indeed you paid cash for the vehicle. At EasyGap we can protect you if you have a finance agreement, and you actually owe more than the original invoice price on the settlement. By opting for a Combined Return to Invoice policy, you are gettin this added protection too.

Why Mini Return to Invoice from EasyGap?

First and foremost, the underwriting insurer is ,in our opinion, the single most importnat aspect of any Gap Insurance policy. Are they a specialist in this field? Do they underwrite for other brands and schemes? Are they able to perform should you make a claim?

In the case of an EasyGap policy, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to all of these questions and more. The underwriting insurer for the EasyGap brand is UK General Insurance on behalf of Ageas Insurance.They are an extremely well know specailist underwriter in this field, who supply products throughout the UK motor dealer network.

The other major reason as to why you should look to an EasyGap return to Invoice policy for your Mini, is that EasyGap have a reputation for market leading prices. Finally, and as the name suggests, we try to make the whole process of getting RTI Gap Insurance for your MINI as ‘easy’ as possible. Our website has a simple question section BEFORE you get to a quote, thus eliminating any unsuitable levels of Gap Insurance from your choices of cover. Also, if your MIni RTI Gap Insurance quote is over £100,  you get the option of paying for the premium over a period of interest free instalments.

How Easy could it be to buy Return to Invoice Gap Insurance for your Mini?


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