VRI Gap Insurance Price Comparison?

Ever found a VRI Gap Insurance price comparison? If you look at many types of Insurance then you can find a number of comparison sites in the UK. Motor Insurance comparison sites have been particularly popular over the last few years. You can often save a significant amount of money, and save a huge amount of time by using a comparison site.

Price Comparison for VRI Gap Insurance?

Unfortunately Gap Insurance is not as well known as other types of insurance. As it is a specialist level of cover, insurance comparison sites do not often feature such an option.

However, there are some places where you can compare gap insurance cover and premiums. Which Money produced a report in their magazine in February 2012, featuring a VRI Gap Insurance price comparison and review. It found that you could save by comparing the leading Gap Insurance brokers in the UK. Which now feature a Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance comparison page on its website.

Compare VRI Gap Insurance

Even though there are several VRI Gap Insurance underwriters in the UK market, there are little in the way of differences between the policies offered. Most policies will pay a motor dealer to replace the vehicle for you, however, some will actually pay you the funds to replace the vehicle, which gives you ultimate control on how you replace the vehicle you have lost.

Most policies will cover aspects such as your motor insurance excess, factory fitted options and dealer fitted options. However, a few select policies will cover vehicles such as motorbikes and even private hire taxi’s.

VRI Gap Insurance or Vehicle Replacement Insurance

VRI Gap Insurance price comparison

The choice of vehicle replacement insurance has never been so good, although as always, when choosing your VRI Gap Insurance policy, you should take great care in looking through the small print.

If you are waiting for a comparison site to produce a full VRI Gap Insurance comparison page you may have some time to wait!

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