Porsche to replace 911 engines

Porsche to replace 911 engines


You may have heard or seen that the Porsche 911 engines have been catching fire and that all owners of the new model should stop driving it immediately. The issue was highlighted cleverly on the motoring programme, Top Gear.


Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond had purchased a 911 model recently and highlighted the issue during a comical sketch involving fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson.


Porsche issued a warning notice to all 911 GT3 owners after two models caught fire. All owners will now have to return the models so that the German manufacturer will have the ability to replace the engine.


Porsche immediately identified the problem as being a loose screw in the engine connecting rods. The 911 GT3 model is still unavailable to purchase at your local dealership, however, the brand have insisted that when the model does go on sale, deliveries will be delayed for a considerable amount of time.


Porsche are carrying out an internal investigation to determine the cause of the repeated engine damage and will disclose findings immediately after they are found. It is believed that the manufacturer is having trouble with a specific engine type and although they have identified the cause of the fire, it is difficult to assume that another component has not caused the connecting rods to split.


 Porsche to change identity


Most recently, Volkswagen have announced on behalf of Porsche that a number of changes will be made in the future which will see the brand somewhat change its identity. Volkswagen have stated that sales within the Porsche brand vary from model to model, however, what is clear to see is, that the luxury car models outsell and earn the firm more capital than that of the premium sports car such as the 911.


Therefore, the Porsche brand have stated that they plan on making the change from being known as a premium sports car manufacturer to a luxury mass market manufacturer.

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