Petrol price cuts

Good news for drivers petrol price cuts

Over the years petrol price cuts have not been a thing the consumer has had an abundance of. Drivers of cars such as the new Porsche Macan are not getting barely half as much petrol in their filling tanks as they used to a number of years ago now. With supermarket chains charging more for petrol over the past number of years. Its not just supermarket chains that were charging a lot for the usage the consumer would get from their petrol intake, other filling stations were also the same.


Petrol price cuts set to affect mainly supermarket’s

Its not only supermarket’s that were charging high prices for the amount of fuel intake on car models such as a Porsche. Other filling station companies were also doing the same, with such companies such as Shell,BP and Esso charging high costs for the amount of fuel intake into your vehicle.

Today, we have learned that leading supermarket chains such as: Asda, Morrissons ,Tesco and Sainsbury’s have cut the costs of fuel in all of their filling stations at supermarket locations.


What effects will the Petrol Price cuts have and from when?

Asda, Morissons, Sainsburys and Tesco all announced earlier today that with a direct affect from tomorrow onwards all four of these top supermarket chains will be cutting the costs of emissions with immediate effect. We can confirm that Morissons have stated today that they will be reducing the cost of both unleaded and diesel by up to 2p starting from tomorrow at the majority of its sites with Tesco’s stating the very same. Sainsbury’s however have stated that the rate of their diesel and unleaded prices will be cut by up to 3p starting from tomorrow with Asda equally the same equivalent as Morissons and Tesco. The main question we believe now though is how long will these petrol price cuts remain.

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