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Volvo – Cars with KERS


The Swedish brand Volvo have recently announced that they are trialling new technology that will see the firm add the KERS technology to future models. Most recently, the Formula 1 sport has brought the technology to everyone’s attention.


The KERS technology will recycle kinetic energy and will transform the energy to increase the performance. However, it is believed that the Volvo firm are currently trialling a KERS technology that would assist the fuel efficiency of the vehicle rather than that of the performance.


Along with this announcement, the Volvo firm had also announced that they had developed a new range of engines that could rival both the fuel efficiency figures and the emission figures achieved by rival electric and hybrid cars.

Volvo and the electric car


Volvo revealed a number of years ago that they would not be developing an electrically powered vehicle as the target market would not be sufficient. However, since that statement the electric and hybrid car market in the UK alone has doubled with sales of the Nissan Leaf model being the major beneficiary.


The KERS technology will recover kinetic energy that you would usually lose to heat whilst braking. That kinetic energy will then be stored for about half an hour or used immediately after captured. The energy can be used gradually or as one big boost of energy, which is the same way that the technology is used in the Formula 1 sport.


Interestingly, the KERS technology has been in the Formula 1 sport for a number of years now and not one major manufacturer has adopted the technology for mass market manufacturers. It was rumoured that the Renault brand, who of course power a number of the F1 teams including Red Bull, would be developing the technology to be fitted upon the best selling Clio model. Renault along with Volvo clearly believe that the technology is worth investing in.

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