New Mercedes B Class

Mercedes Benz B Class


In Car news today we at VRI Gap Insurance are happy to report that the latest vehicle in the Mercedes franchise from the German manufacturer has received it’s first set of road tests and is being reported to be a great car in terms of it’s interior features and styling, and even better when it comes to the driving experience behind it.


The latest in the line of Mercedes B class models comes with so many new adaptations and features, more in fact than any other previous Mercedes automobile all at one time. Technically this is the companies second attempt at making the perfect sporty premium vehicle in the line and we think that they have done a good job with this latest development. The Mercedes brand have recently revealed plans to join fellow German rivals BMW, in the electric car market.


The electric car market has been dominated in the UK by such brands as the Nissan manufacturer and the Renault manufacturer. Renault have recently announced plans to develop a new wider range of electrically powered models under the title of the Renault EV.


So what’s been included and fitted during the Mercedes Benz manufacturing process?


As reported previously, more changes have been made to this particular model of car at one time, than any other number of differences in previous Mercedes vehicles. We think this makes for a great motive for the consumer, to make an investment into the car coming all the way from Germany.


Some of these great features and specs included are the likes of it’s, choice given to the consumer of either a petrol engine or a 1.8 diesel, which comes along with its 122 standard brake horse power, which allows the vehicle to travel from 0 to 60 mph in just 10.4 seconds. Investors also have the choice of an optional petrol engine which is upgraded and fine tuned up to 156 bhp, which manages 0 to 60 mph in a quicker time of 8.6 seconds with a top speed of 137 miles per hour.


All options of the car have an optional four wheel drive system to choose from an all come with a standard six speed manual gearbox. We are also happy to report that all models come pre fitted with a three spoke leather covered steering wheel, and a central 5.8 inch or 7 inch nav touch screen depending on the buyers preference. Its daytime running lights and active parking assist could very well persuade the consumer to invest into a Mercedes B class model.


So, when is the new Mercedes Benz being launched and how much for?


We are happy to report, as announced officially from the German based company behind the car, that the official release date for the new vehicle will be around early 2014, and an expected price tag of around £22,000 is set for the latest Mercedes model.

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