New Mazda 2 Special Edition

The Mazda 2 Special Edition


The Japanese firm, Mazda, have announced two new special editions of the Mazda two model which will give the range the desired boost. The two new range additions will be the Colour edition and the sport colour edition.


Both of the new models will have the option of three different colours to choose between. The three colours will be part of the new exclusive colouring range at the Mazda brand. True Red, Crystal White and Aluminium Silver.


Both of the new coloured models will come with 11 additional items compared to the standard version of the model. 15 inch dark grey alloy wheels along with a specifically designed body kit and new navigational system operated through the form of the 6.1 inch touchscreen.


The standard colour edition of the model is powered by the 1.3 litre petrol engine capable of producing 75 bhp. The Sport Colour Edition will be capable of achieving the more powerful 85bhp. The special edition models will be limited to a number of 1,000 models for each of the two editions.


The Mazda brand is still one of the largest automotive brands in the world but has recently fallen behind a number of manufacturers including fellow Japanese rival Toyota. The Toyota brand recently cemented its place on the top of the worlds best selling manufacturer list.

Mazda Vs Toyota

The Toyota brand has had a struggling number of years since the devastation of the Tsunami and corresponding manufacturing troubles, but has managed to fight its way back up to being the number one best selling manufacturer.


The US owned firm, General Motors, followed the Toyota brand in second with the Volkswagen Group finishing just behind. Volkswagen have been keen to develop the dealership network and market share in emerging and growing economies such as the Chinese Car Market.


The Mazda brand along with the likes of Nissan, will be hoping to build on the positive market share and hopefully claw back sales from that taken by the Toyota brand.

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