New Car Technology 2014

New Car Technology


Technology within your car has become one of the deciding factors when purchasing a new car in the last number of years. Recently we have seen manufacturers such as Nissan and Volkswagen winning a number of awards regarding technology on the vehicles.


The Volkswagen Golf won Car of the Year 2013 and was streets ahead of any other model shortlisted in terms of technology on the new car. Other models such as the Nissan Juke have also been highlighted for innovative technology.


You may have recently seen the new car advert featuring the Juke model and the Google send to car technology. The Google send to car technology allows you to pick and choose your specific destination at home on your computer before directly transferring the route to your Nissan model.


Other manufacturers such as Vauxhall have announced plans to feature ground breaking technology on their new car models. Vauxhall have labelled their latest technological development as being the Vauxhall On Star technology.

 New Car Tech at Vauxhall


The Vauxhall On Star technology is basically internet within your car. The US owned firm insist that they have had the components on their models since the late 1990′s but have only recently tuned and developed such components to offer the internet connectivity.


A number of airliners are also trialling similar technology which would allow passengers on aircrafts to connect to the internet whilst travelling. The issue has always been that the in flight connections may suffer as a result of connecting to the internet. However, what we have seen on a number of airliners is the live broadcasting of television.


New car technology like any other form of technology has constantly developing and manufacturers such as Vauxhall and Nissan will continue to develop such technologies further. The new car market can only benefit from such advances in technology as more and more motorists are enticed to purchase a new car.


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