New Audi TT model

Audi TT 2014


Audi have recently revealed the TT model and announced it along with the statement of being both fast and economical. The third generation TT model has been built using lightweight materials which has resulted in the model having the ability to be both economical and quick along the ground.


Audi have taken a number of engines from the Volkswagen range including the 2.0 litre diesel engine along with the 227 bhp petrol from the Golf GTI. The TT model cleverly combines the use of aluminium and high strength steels which has resulted in the model being up to 50kg lighter than the previous generation of TT models.


Audi are yet to release a price alongside the TT model, but it has been rumoured that the model will be priced at somewhere in the region of £28,000. At the Geneva Motor Show, the Audi brand revealed both the TT Coupe model and the new Audi TT Quattro Sport model.


The Volkswagen Group have shown a strong desire to become the best selling car manufacturer in the world. Last year, the German mass market manufacturer finished in third place in the tables with General Motors in second and the Toyota brand topping the chart.


 New Audi TT


This time round Volkswagen are up 4.3% in terms of sales and have recently revealed figures that suggest they will sell over 10 million models this year alone. The VW Group have used a number of marketing techniques which should get the most out of all the brands including the Audi brand.


Last year it was rumoured that those at Volkswagen had not been happy with the way that certain Audi models in the range had been marketed to the wider car markets. Audi have expanded the range with a number of models including the TT this year and therefore expect sales of new models to continue to climb.

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