Motorbike season is upon us!

The cold, dreary days of winter are now behind us and its time for those two-wheel dream machines to make their way out of the garages of the UK. It is now officially Motorbike season!

The motorbike dealers also come out of hibernation at this time of year too. Car sales can be seen as a little more uniform throughout the year, but there is little doubt that motorbikes are for warmer, drier(sometimes) weather, and it is now that people are tempted into the showrooms.

Motorbike deals in 2012

Although a smaller market than cars, motorcycles still attract customers to showrooms in significant numbers. In tough economic times, they can be seen as more of a frugal mode of transport, than the luxury weekend plaything of more affluent times (or that’s the excuse we give anyway!)

More and more over recent years, major finance and insurance companies have moved towards the motorcycle market, as margins in cars showrooms are squeezed, and sales have dropped.

Major funders, such as Black Horse, have introduced PCP style lease deals for motorcycles, allowing purchasers a comfortable way to purchase their motorbike. Flexible motor finance deals are essential to tempt purchasers into a significant commitment.

The trend has been the same for Gap Insurance providers, where some insurers have leapt away from the perceived higher risk of motorbikes, others offer specific cover for Motorbike Gap Insurance, with no premium rise for motorbikes at all.  

Motorbike for summer

Motorbike season has arrived

The picture is a little different with motorbike road insurance, where some specialist brokers have cornered the market.

Which Motorbike for you?

So once you have sorted your finances and insurance, then there is only to decide on your new chariot! So what will it be?

Whether it’s a Triumph or Harley, Kawasaki or Suzuki we hope you get a summer of warm weather to enjoy your lovely motorbike!



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