Mercedes C63 AMG model spotted

In some breaking news today coming directly from one of the finest German car companies from the car industry today Mercedes, we are pleased to report on the latest news that the all new, Mercedes C63 AMG model, has been officially spotted testing,over on the roads in Germany this past week, just a number of days after, the companies C Class model was officially unveiled at the Detroit motor show in front of the media and general public alike.


In regards to other variations of car’s previously released by Mercedes , the name Mercedes has always been associated with top class,comfortable and certainly powerful machinery, that in the past has proven to rival the likes of companies such as,BMW,Audi and Nissan. If the hype and anticipation is anything to go by on the new  Mercedes C63 model, we believe this addition to the ever growing range could prove to be a big time seller for the Mercedes brand in the near future.


What do we know so far about the  Mercedes C63 AMG ?

In terms of what has gone into this particular Mercedes  model during the manufacturing process, we have every reason to believe that, judging by the screenshots of the model testing in Germany, it is built for power and luxury without a doubt, and with this news we see the warm welcome additions of a huge, 4.0 litre,V8 engine, which is rumoured to hit speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just, four seconds flat. It has also been rumoured that the model will carry 450 units of brake horse power in total, with a high performance sports pack set to carry over the 500 area.


Larger brakes, and much more revamped brake calipers have also made the cut on this particular addition to the line up. In terms of other cool features you can make out from the screenshots of the new car, we see that the model now comes complete with a quad exhasust pipe system and a brand new re vamped grille, designed in order to allow the car to take more and much smoother air intakes, to allow a much more smooth and tidy driving experience for the customer.


This rear wheel drive model, is also reported to have a much more tweaked suspension system over other models in the line up but, that still remains to be seen, as nothing has been announced as of yet from the brand owners directly. In terms of sleakness and agility on this particular model, it has been reported that numerous components of this car are made of carbon fibre. In terms of the exterior of the model, we see the welcome addition of a TFT touch screen system, that is reportedly neatly placed into the centre console of the model in the dashboard.


Price and release date speculation of the Mercedes  C63 AMG

Sadly nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding, a price tag that is set to come along with the car although, the brand owners from Mercedes did indeed come out at the Detroit motor show and state that the all new Mercedes C63 AMG will be available for purchase at your nearest dealership sometime within the next year although, an exact date is still yet to be confirmed.

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