London set to receive a brand new Nissan made Taxi

In some general motoring news coming out today, we have recently learnt of the news that that Japanese manufacturing team Nissan, have been putting in much hard work for the public sector of London, and we are talking about a new taxi made and produced by Nissan which comes in the form of a mini van model, and even more exciting news to follow this is that the Nissan model will receive an electric version of the model as well which is expected to make it’s first public appearance sometime throughout 2015. The model itself is set to debut with the name the NV200. In terms of the unique look and styling of the Nissan vehicle itself, there is not really a lot out there that we could compare this piece of machinery too, but it does share the same similar sort of black and model look compared to that of other taxi mini vans currently still on active service around our towns and local centres.


What’s been revealed regarding the production process of the new Nissan ?

As we stated in terms of the look and design techniques used on the new Nissan manufactured model, its pretty much the same as current taxi/mini vans in service, but the big changes within the vehicle really lie within the engine and specs of this model. What we are talking about by this is, the inclusion of a, headlight design which come in a round formation, much similar to the design used on that of the, Juke model from Nissan.


A brand new front grille and re designed front bumper for the Nissan, also come as part of the package as well. One of the newest features of the model is the Taxi sign on the roof, which now comes complete with LED lighting, making it much more easier to see. In terms of the engine on the brand new taxi design, this comes in the form of a 1.6 litre, petrol engine which is connected to a CVT gearbox. After this in 2015 as we stated, an electric version of the taxi is lined up for 2015. Not a huge amount is currently known at this time of writing regarding the EV model, but what we do know is that, the model itself’s charging point is neatly located underneath the Nissan crest nicely placed at the front of the model, this is all attached to a brand new different front grille than what will be seen on the first taxi to make it’s rounds, around the streets of London at the end of this year.



So when will this Nissan taxi start taking fares ?

In terms of a planned release date for the NV200, it has been confirmed that the new idea will be available for purchase at dealerships starting from December of this year, with the Electric version set to follow sometime within 2015 the year after. In terms of a pricing structure for the brand new Nissan taxi, in terms of taxi driving you can expect to a pay a fare of just under the £30,000 area.

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