Kia latest EV is seen out and about

In some news today coming directly out of the South Korean car company known as Kia, we are excited to report on the news that, the brands latest model in Electronic vehicle technology has been recently seen testing out and about, and it comes in the shape and form of the EV Soul. Judging by the screenshots that have been circulating online, the model base color is shown to come with a white paint job, although we do expect more colors will be on offer to choose from ahead of the time of purchase. In terms of the look and overall design of the exterior model,it looks quite small and compact, but that’s not say that this is necessarily a bad thing, as judging by reports, this car can get from A to B pretty sharpish.

What can be seen from the Kia Soul testing images ?


In terms of everything we know so far regarding the vehicle itself,from the screenshots of the Soul model testing you can clearly see the welcome addition’s of, a revamped and,blacked out front grille,and comes with no exhaust at the back. There is a charging port for this electronic Kia located near the left headlight although, it can be difficult to make out from the images online. There is more than one battery for this Kia car although it is still yet to be announced exactly how many there are from the Kia brand owners, but it has been confirmed that the batteries will be neatly located underneath the flooring of the interior of the model itself. In terms of the motor itself,this comes in the form of a 109 bhp, electric motor, and is capable of going from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour, in a time of just,11.5 seconds. In terms of a top speed on this specific Kia model,the top speed comes in at 90 miles per hour, which is fair for an EV. In terms of charging this car’s battery up, Kia have come out directly and announced that a full charge of the vehicle,will take just on the five hour mark. In our opinion this does sound like a great all round E-Vehicle, and could prove to be a great rival for the likes of Nissan with their EV,Leaf model.

Pricing and release dates on the Kia Soul


Firstly regarding a release date on this specific EV model, it sadly has not been confirmed as of yet, an exact release date but, the company have come out and stated that, this EV, Kia model will be available sometime throughout late this year. In terms of how much this vehicle will set you back ahead of the time of purchase, you can expect to pay somewhere around the £18,000 area for your brand new Kia Soul.

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