Infiniti Q50 hitting hard at BMW ?

In some news today coming from the Infiniti, car brand Q50 owned by Japanese automaker Nissan,we have the latest on it looks as if German manufacturer rival BMW, have a strong contender on their hands when it comes down to executive cars in the line up for 2014.The latest model from Infiniti the Q50 has been receiving some good appraisal, although the model itself is nothing unique over similar models released to the global car consuming world from their rival over in Germany.


What was the manufacturing process like on the Infiniti Q50 ?

In terms of the drawn out production process on the Q50 model, we have come to learn the extent of the features and techniques used during the manufacturing time on this particular machine. The reason the Q50 is slated to be a good rival for three top German brand’s is down to the inclusion of a, 2.1 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine, that carries a total of 168 units of brake horse power, and is capable of going from 0-62 miles per hour in a time of just 8.5 seconds. This front wheel drive machine also comes complete with the addition of a six speed manual, transmission system that has been put in to place, and is capable of top speeds of 144 miles per hour.Proving this model to be a top rival for that of Audi and Mercedes.


Regarding the all rounding overall for the Q50, we are led to believe that this particular machine is mainly based on performance and emissions. It is said that the interior space of this vehicle is superb as well, and also offers the customer’s a choice upon the time of purchase which comes along the gadgets front of the model, that is the 360 degree parking cameras.


What’s the going price of a Q50 ?

In terms of the release of the vehicle, we are happy to report that it is available for purchase right now at your nearest participating dealership, and better yet you can make the purchase on this specific Q50 vehicle for the cost of £30,050.

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