How the internet has changed peoples buying habits

If you had to say what has been the biggest innovation in the world on the last 20 years then you would be hard pushed to beat the internet. In fact in challenging that answer you would probably do a quick Google search for information. This really is the point as well, we used the internet as our point of reference for just about everything and this naturally extends to either researching or directly buying products on the internet.

In years gone by we were reliant on retailers close to home for our purchases, as we had little idea what else may be available. Trade publications did give some further options, but really the scope of our research was quite limited.

Life on the internet a the click of a button

With the development of the internet we have seen a veritable explosion of resources that are simply a click away. Indeed some previously successful retailer outlets have moved with them times. Huge supermarket chains now have a range of offers for you to see, but this expansion ability has meant they can move into uncharted territories such as banking and finance.

These days you can download movies instead of going to the local video store, order Pizza online and even tax your car!

The internet and the motor industry

In the motor industry times have changed also. Take the AutoTrader publication for an example. It developed a weekly publication based on used vehicles in a certain geographical area. Although the paper version still exists, the AutoTrader website no incorporates hundreds of thousands of vehicles every week, from the length and breadth of the UK. Indeed it is fair to say that the country has become smaller and more accessible with the new internet age.

With the advent of more outlets, the ease in which they can reach out to you has meant that competition has increased also. with increased competition you would associate better value, as companies try to undercut each other to get your business.

This is just as valid in the motor and insurance industries. Indeed with the subject that we are mainly concerned over on this website, the Gap Insurance market is now extremely competitive with a range of independents now challenging the motor dealer with higher value deals and more comprehensive cover.The same can be said of other products like tyre insurance too.

The internet the best thing since sliced bread, perhaps but how much of your life do you spend making toast?

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