Has the heavy rain put you off driving?

Does the weather change your driving habits?

We have all seen the seasonal news in the last few days, as heavy rain has spread across the UK. Rivers have burst their banks, homes and business premises have been flooded and transport links have been disrupted. Many railway tracks have been made impassable, and of course there has been the inevitable problems with the road system too.

Has this made you think twice about driving?

Of course, much the same as when heavy snow arrives, and issue that makes the roads more difficult to navigate can effect our judgement on making a journey. Naturally  the best advice for driving in poor weather conditions is not to do it at all if you can avoid it. However, you do not always have an option it has to be said.

For those of us who do have to carry on driving or commute to work by car, or have to use transport to get to the shops then venturing out has to be done unless conditions are so bad as to prevent it.

What precautions can you take if you do have carry on driving or travel in such adverse conditions? Well firstly you have to prepare for all eventualities. A fully charged mobile phone is a must, as well as ensuring that someone is aware that you are making the journey. Having sufficient clothing as to keep yourself warm is also important, as is ensuring you have breakdown cover in place in case you need to use it.

If you are driving and encounter a flooded area on the road, do not enter the flood unless you can see how deep it is. If the road dips away then you could get stuck very easily. If you are driving try to drive down the middle camber of the road (if safe to do so), this is the highest point. Also engage a low gear and keep the engine revs up as you pass through the water. Do not go too quickly as to create large amounts of water to enter the engine bay, remember there are plenty of expensive electrical components in cars these days that do not like getting wet!!

Stay safe in the winter weather

The bottom line is to take great care in tough driving conditions, and if you can avoid it just stay at home in front of the fire!

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