Great new resource on Vehicle Replacement Insurance

What is Vehicle Replacement Insurance?

With Vehicle replacement Insurance being the newest form of Gap Insurance in the market today, it is only natural that there can be some confusion surrounding the protection. However, so popular has Vehicle Replacement Insurance been over the last few years that it does seem important that consumers have access to greater information on the product.

New Guide to Vehicle replacement insurance from GapInsurance123

Of course at we do try to give as much information as possible within the realms of this website, but we will also provide you with other resources we find that may be of great help too. To this end we were excited at the news of a new Guide to Vehicle Replacement Insurance provided by leading Gap Insurance brand GapInsurance123.

GapInsurance123 was highlighted by Which magazine in 2012 , as providing the lowest Vehicle Replacement Insurance quotes of all the leading providers on each and every quote the independent organisation compared.

Gap123 provide some of the best product features also, such as deferred start dates, up to 5 year cover and the opportunity for the policyholder to be paid any vehicle replacement insurance settlement as opposed to a motor dealer.

The Guide on Vehicle Replacement provided by Gap123 gives 10 clear points that are essential to consider when looking into Vehicle Replacement Gap. These would include the claim limit you opt for, which is possibly the most important aspect of any claim. Also in how a claim will be paid, as many Vehicle replacement insurance policies will pay the replacement funds to a dealer and not you, which may not be ideal in any way.

More information on Vehicle replacement insurance to come

The new guide seems a great place to start if you are considering Vehicle replacement Insurance or other forms of Gap protection, or indeed if you are a little confused by the cover in any way.

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    [...] See original article: Great new resource on Vehicle Replacement Insurance | VRI Gap … [...]

  2. December 17, 2012

    [...] Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance is now possibly the most popular style of Gap protection for consumers buying from online brokers. One of the clear advantages of buying from an independent specialist broker is that you normally will have a much bigger choice of products as opposed to the standard Return to Invoice offered by motor dealers. Now of course Return to Invoice is a perfectly good level of cover, but when compared to VRI Gap Insurance, it often does take the role of second choice. [...]

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