Formula 1 Round up at VRI Gap

Formula 1 Round up at VRI Gap


We at VRI Gap Insurance plan to bring you all the latest gossip and news in the Formula 1 world for the remainder of the season. If you are a follower of all things Formula 1 you will realise to hold Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel has on the drivers and constructors championship.


However, we at VRI Gap Insurance are asking the question, is the same winner in every Formula 1 race entertaining?


We’ve had various periods of domination in Formula 1 with the last being Michael Schumacher and Ferrari as they romped towards their 7th world championship in a row. However, when Fernando Alonso and Renault looked to upset the Ferrari team ratings of the Formula 1 sport when up and up and in recent years a total of 7 world champions have graced the field at one time.


However, Sebastian Vettel has won three world championships in a row and whilst they’ve been close and down to the last race of the season, he is about to win his fourth world championship and by a clear stretch but is it entertaining?


The most avid Formula 1 fans will still watch the races on the television or even travel to the tracks, however, we are aware of a large majority of viewers turning the race off due to knowing how the race will end, which is with Sebastian Vettel on the top of the podium.


The start of the season will always have the most viewers as people tune in once again to find out which one of the teams will perform best and if there are any surprises in the field. We at VRI Gap understand that in sport that has a domination people and spectators are going to either go one of two ways. The first of which will be to marvel in the success of the domination or to switch off.


Sebastian Vettel will win his fourth Drivers Championship this season, but, next season will hope to be different as Formula 1 gets back to its open and competitive best.


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