Fiat reveal the all new Panda Cross model in Geneva

In some of the latest car industry news today to make its way out of the Italian car company known as Fiat, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official reveal of the brand new Panda cross model from the brand which has been officially revealed at the Geneva motor show within the past hour and will be all set to go on sale here in the UK and around various parts of the world too throughout this year. Over the duration of the brands existence, Fiat have had many big sellers on their hands which include the likes of the, Punto and indeed the Panda but the brand are hoping that with the introduction of this brand new crossover model sales figures could be set to rise and could even put them high up in the top spots of both the new and used car industry once again.

What makes the Fiat Panda Cross stand out ?

With that being said, what is it about this all new model from the Fiat brand that we think makes it stand out above previous models released by the same company and why do we think that, this Fiat model will be a perfect rival for other similar models from brands such as, Ford,Citroen and Peugeot ?. Well firstly, the brand have announced that the engine in this Fiat model will consist of,two separate choices which start off with,a 0.9 litre, twin air turbo charged engine that will carry 89bhp and the second being,a 1.3 litre, multi jet, turbo diesel engine that in total will be set to carry 79 units of brake horse power.

In regards to some of the more noticeable features of the car itself and added pieces of kit you can expect to be thrown in with your brand new Fiat Panda cross model, we see these come in the shape and form of,trimmed fabric seating,air conditioning,wireless Bluetooth connectivity, electric mirrors and to top it all off nicely, we see the welcomed addition’s of, steering wheel mounted controls. With these perfect combinations in mind, we do believe that this Fiat vehicle will be a perfect rivals for similar cars from brands such as, Kia,Vauxhall and Ford.

How much will the Fiat Panda Cross set you back ?

So with that being said, nothing sadly has been announced as of yet regarding an official price tag that is set to come along with the Panda Cross but we do expect that the model will cost in excess of £14,000. We do know that, you can officially purchase your brand new Fiat Panda Cross model throughout the duration of Autumn this year.

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