Does VRI Gap Insurance cover theft?

A question that is often asked is theft covered by VRI Gap Insurance? Actually this opens a wider debate on exactly what is and is not covered by a vehicle replacement  insurance policy? There can be an assumption that vehicle replacement insurance may only cover you if the vehicle is in an accident, but what happens if you are a victim of car crime?

VRI Gap Insurance and theft

VRI Gap Insurance is a great level of guaranteed asset protection to help you bridge the gap between your old vehicle value, and the cost of replacing the vehicle with the equivalent model.

VRI Gap Insurance

Does VRI Gap Insurance cover theft

Like all levels of car gap insurance, VRI Gap Insurance will cover you for both an accident AND if the vehicle is stolen, with one proviso………providing your own motor insurance cover you for the situation.

I personally knew a man who was ‘car jacked’ in broad daylight on a busy town centre street on the Wirral. The Wirral is a quiet suburban peninsula across the River Mersey from Liverpool. If this sort of event can happen here it can happen anywhere!

He did have a Gap Insurance policy, and as his own motor insurance covered him for this horrible event, his gap insurance did also. There is little that can erase the memory of  such an event, but the fact he had a good VRI Gap Insurance policy certainly softened the blow of any financial loss.

Your car can be replaced, and a VRI Gap Insurance policy simply makes that process easier.

VRI Gap Insurance and car theft

So if your car is stolen, then the answer to the question is yes. Your VRI Gap Insurance  policy will cover you for theft IF your own motor insurance also cover you for the situation of the theft.

Hope this answers this often asked question on VRI Gap Insurance.

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