Car features for older drivers

Car features for older drivers.


We at VRI Gap Insurance are going to target the concept of drivers growing old and struggling with technology. As technology progresses and the average lifespan increases due to medical science, more people are living to an older age yet still want the independence technology offers. There are computers, smart-phones, auto-mobiles and air-planes that allow us to do things in minutes or hours what could have taken days or weeks a few years ago. Most technology is targeted at young people but not all technology should be focused on the young.

As the likes of electric cars are taken on the look and feel of what we associate with being very much a futuristic car, older drivers will not only struggle to understand the technology, but may even move away from driving all together. The new Volkswagen e-up and Audi models are the prime example of pioneering technology which may confuse the older driver.


The problems of ageing with older drivers.


When you get older, there are many things that change. Mainly that your cognitive abilities degrade and your ability to drive safely is affected. Long before mental abilities begin to fade, physical ones come into play. These problems are usually the main reason that relatives get concerned about thus leading to the older driver losing the independence that comes with being able to drive a vehicle as the relative will force them to hand over the keys.

Comments on the older driver safety.


AAA’s Jake Nelson commented, “A 2012 survey revealed that only one in 10 senior drivers with health issues are driving a vehicle with features like keyless entry or larger dashboard controls that can assist with such conditions.”


The features older drivers should look for.


Many features are now available to help out any type of driver. Here are the main ones an elderly driver should look for;


Key-less entry and ignition – As anyone with arthritis knows, gripping keys of any size can sometimes be a challenge. Vehicles that permit drivers to open doors and start vehicles by carrying a fob in their pocket or purse help solve that problem.

Six-way adjustable seats – This common feature can be a lifesaver for adults with knee, hip, and leg impairments, allowing them to enter and exit a vehicle with greater ease.

Thick steering wheels – As with keys, many seniors have trouble gripping ordinary steering wheels. Thicker wheels make it easier for drivers to control vehicles, boosting safety.

High contrast displays – It’s no secret that vision often deteriorates with age. In the days of analogue gauges, that often presented problems for older drivers, but now that so many dashboards consist of digital screens, drivers have greater control over the way that information is displayed. Increasing the contrast gives drivers access to the information they need at just a glance.


Growing old and being an older driver is a natural thing that no one can outrun and these features are created to make it easier for the elderly to continue their independent lifestyle at least where driving is concerned.

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