BMW M3 saloon is unveiled in Detroit

In some fresh news today coming directly out of the German motor company BMW, we are excited to report on the latest news breaking from the Detroit motor show which comes in the form of the M3 saloon model that has been unveiled at the exhibition show, in front of the general public and media alike.


The latest M3 model from the company, which could be a top class rival for the likes of, Audi and Mercedes, has a sporty look to the model,and the revealed car comes in a gloss black sort of colour,  with black five spoke wheels and looks like it could be a great car ahead of its release this June here in the UK, but looks alone will not give this M3 car the huge success that the brand are looking for, the engine specs and tools of the trade are will what make this M3 model something spectacular.


BMW M3 specs and what we know so far

With that being said, in terms of the manufacturing process on this specific M3 model, the brand have directly stated that the model will come fully complete with, the welcome inclusion of a , 3.0 litre, twin turbo engine, that carries a total of 425 units of brake horse power. In terms of the overall speeds of the M3 Saloon , we see speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just 4.1 seconds, with a dual clutch gearbox. A six speed manual gearbox, but a seven speed dual clutch, transmission system as an option is also included as part of the package. Traction control and M shaped wing mirrors also come as a nice addition to this replacement model.


In terms of the interior features, and gadgets on this particular model, we see the welcome additions of,racing bucket seats,an adaptive suspension system,front and rear car parking sensors,heated seats are also an optional extra on this vehicle. With that being said, in terms of optional extras available for this particular addition to the line up, we see the optional extras of,carbon ceramic brakes,active cruise control and a BMW app for smartphones in the car which will, allow the driver to measure things such as, lap times on a track, speeds and revs per minute.


Pricing and release structure on the M3 saloon

In terms of a pricing structure on this range of model, it has been officially confirmed by the brand owner’s that this model will be available from a starting price of £56,175 varying upwards depending on option extras according to the customers preference. In terms of a release date, you can expect to make the purchase on your M3 saloon model as stated from, sometime through June of this year.

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