BMW announce an all new M4 Gran Coupe update

In some car industry news today coming directly out of the German car firm known as BMW, we are excited to report on the latest news to come from the team which comes in the form of an all new facelift and individual programme for the brand’s latest M4 Gran Coupe model which involves a few changes to the exterior of the car itself and indeed some changes to the interior too. As of yet only a few images have been released showing off some of the changes that have been made to the  BMW model and the company have directly stated some features too.


What work has gone into the BMW M4 individual programme ?

The vehicle is believed to benefit greatly from these all new changes that have been included during its time on the production line and if the model as a base was not already good enough to wet your appetite we believe these all new set of tweaks and upgarades could potentially be what makes your mind up regarding an investment into one of these BMW addition’s.


So with that being said, what is it that has gone into the new BMW M4 updates ?. Well firstly we see the inclusions of, a new metallic paint job,19 inch, light alloy wheels and other colour variants will also be on offer which include the likes of, Pyrite brown,a bright blue addition,plain white and, frozen cashmire silver. In regards to what features you can expect to see thrown into the interior of your brand new BMW machine, we see the car come fully fitted with, a much more compact dashboard that comes with a fine wood finish and, a majority of leather finishes throughout the whole of the interior which include, the dash and seating too.


Now the engine. Disel and Petrol models will be on offer to the customer at the time of purchase and we see these come complete as, a 420 I and a 428i petrol engines which in turn put out between, 181 and 302 units of brake horse power in total. In regards to the Diesel engines, 418 D and 420 D are your options here and put out between, 141 and 181 units of bhp overall.With these features combined we do highly believe that this model has the potential to rival the likes of other top German brand’s such as, Audi and Volkswagen.


How much will the updated BMW M4 set you back ?

Well before we dive straight into the price tag on the BMW vehicle, sadly nothing has been confirmed regarding an expected launch date on this line up but, we do expect that we may hear more on the situation at the Geneva motor show. Now how much will the BMW M4 set you back ? , you can expect to pay from a starting cost of £29,490 for your brand new BMW updated M4 which will rise varying on different optional extras.


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