Audi traffic light detection system

German automakers, Audi, have revealed that their new models may be fitted with an innovative online traffic light information system while many other manufacturers are developing new technology in an attempt to create the first autonomous vehicle.


Audi claim that this new traffic light information system could potentially make their models more economical and save owners both time and fuel when driving through busy towns and cities.


How would Audi’s traffic light technology work?


Compatible vehicles will use Audi connect, the vehicle’s built in WIFI system, to download local traffic data and tell the driver which gear is the best for going through green lights in the most efficient and quickest way. The information, including whether a traffic light is on green, amber or red, will be displayed on a screen in front of the driver. The system will also work when the car is stopped at a set of lights and indicate the time it will take for a red light to change to green.


The technology will also interact with the car’s stop-start function, which switches off the engine whilst it’s idle to save fuel and will even start the engine five seconds before the lights go green. Audi claims that this feature will potentially reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% and could save up to 900million litres of fuel when used throughout Germany, the company’s native country.


Does Audi’s traffic light technology work and when will it be introduced?


At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the company recently demonstrated the system in an Audi A6 saloon. At the moment, the technology can currently connect with 1,000 traffic lights in the German capital city. Comprehensive testing of the system involving 50 sets of traffic lights is still being conducted there. Testing is also being conducted in Italy, using 60 traffic lights, while customers in Berlin are driving cars fitted with the new technology.


Audi’s new traffic light recognition system is now fully functional and has the ability to be installed in every new Audi depending in the relevant government legislations. The online traffic light information system is part of an investment by the company into producing more sustainable and economical technologies for cars.


This new traffic light detection system follows the reveal of the new Audi TT Quattro Sport at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

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