Audi announce all new information on the TT for 2014

In some car industry news today coming directly out of the German manufacturing team known as Audi, we are please to report on one of the latest breaking news stories from the brand regarding some all new information regarding some specifications on the Audi TT, some news on the official launch date and everything else you need to know, that could potentially gain you some interest in making the investment into this all new Audi model. Over the years the TT has been one of the biggest and best selling cars for the Audi brand amongst many others including, vehicles in the A series and Q line up  of models. But we believe the all new TT for 2014 could prove to be the big car enthusiasts are looking for.

What’s been included to make this Audi TT one of the best yet ?

In terms of the Audi vehicle itself over recent history, the Audi TT has been aimed more at the sports and performance side of things, with a bit of interior comfort thrown in there also, and we are happy to report that with what we have heard off so far regarding the 2014 version of this machine, there is no change which could work very well in Audi’s favour. We see these key notable things come in the shape and form of, two petrol engines or diesel engine to choose from at the time of purchase on this specific model. Firstly the petrol engines. The choices consist of,either a 1.8 or 2.0 litre, TFSI engine that carries in total,180 units of brake horse power for the 1.8 and,220 units of bhp for the 2.0 litre model.  The diesel engine however comes in the form of a 2.0 litre,TDI and will carry 168 units of brake horse power along with it.

In regards to some of the standout changes that been made to this version of the Audi owned car, compared to that of others in the line up, we see the warm welcome additions of, a brand new revamped front body layout,slimmer headlights and a now two part front grille. In terms of the rear exterior we see, a much more wide back screen and slightly smaller tail lights to that of the previous additions in the range.  In terms of what you can expect to see from the interior of your all new investment, the brand have officially announced that the new TT will come complete with a 12.3 inch Touch screen located neatly into the dashboard of the vehicle also. Therefore it is expected that this car will be a great rival for the likes of, BMW and Mercedes.

How much is the Audi TT 2014 going to cost ?

In terms of a release time on this model firstly,the expected release date is due to be set around the end of this year, with an official reveal expected to take place at this years upcoming Geneva motor show. In terms of how much you can expect it to set you back, you can expect to pay somewhere around the £24,000 area for your all new Audi TT for 2014.

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