Are you getting a Car for Christmas?

Are you lucky enough to be getting a new car for Christmas?

Christmas is a time of year when consumers minds move to different things. The preparation and expense of this time of year has traditionally meant that car showrooms are quiet, with the last thing on peoples minds being the thought of changing their car. In fact in difficult economic times, this thought may be even further removed.

However, there can be a strong argument that Christmas is a great time to drive a discount with the dealers, with quiet showrooms and targets still to reach. Have people been taking advantage of this?

New car for Christmas?

Although the new car sales figures will not be released for come time yet, there are some indications that vehicles are actually quite high on Santa’a wish list this year. Of course Gap Insurance brokers, and their level of business, will correspond to the number of vehicles being sold in the UK. One leading broker has told us that far from slowing down, the December Gap Insurance policy sales have run on a par with October and November. This also represents a 300% increase on the Gap products sold when compared to December 2011.

Of course some recognition must be given to the fact that perhaps consumers are more aware of buying Gap Insurance online, and this behavior may only increase with a new study planned by the FSA. However, the figures still represent a huge increase on last year, and we will have to wait and see if they correlate to an unusually busy December in the showrooms.

How do you wrap up a new car?

It could possible be a difficult task, but if the job is worth doing!

Whatever the reason, you may be lucky and find a lovely new car under your Christmas tree on Tuesday morning!




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