A New Electric Dacia model?

A New Electric Dacia model?


We at VRI Gap Insurance have been monitoring the news and found that a new Dacia electric car model may be on the way sometime in the near future. However, we at VRI Gap Insurance are also very aware of the fact that the majority of Dacia drivers will be driving around without any form of Gap protection.


Dacia as we know are the budget brand of the market and anyone who chooses to purchase a Dacia model will want to know that they are getting what they pay for and that is exactly what you get with a new model. Therefore, we believe that the majority of Dacia drivers will be interested in protecting their model with a Gap Insurance policy.


Gap Insurance as you may know will protect you from the effects of market value depreciation. Market value depreciation is the level at which your Dacia model will lose value over the course of ownership. According to market trade experts this could be as much as 50% within the first three years of ownership.


If you where to write your vehicle off after three years of ownership, you would only ever receive the market value of your Dacia on the day it was written off, which according to experts is likely to be in the region of half the price you paid.


For Example, if you have purchased a Dacia Duster model for somewhere in the region of £9,000, three years later, it may only be worth £4,500 which would leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. If the Duster was then to rise in price up to £12,000 then you would have a financial gap of £7,500.

 How can VRI Gap Insurance help you and your Dacia?

However, Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance has the ability to cover the £7,500 in question. VRI will cover the difference between the market value of your Dacia Duster on the day it was written off or stolen and the average cost to replace the vehicle with the same make, model and specification as yours was on the day of purchase. Therefore, giving you the ability to purchase a brand new Dacia Duster model.

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